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Milk Euro Food members team

Milk Euro Food company is more than just a job. This is a busy life, active weekdays and holidays, friendly team and loyal attitude towards its members.


  • · continuous education, seminars and trainings;
  • · cheerful corporate parties;
  • · regular put-doors rallies of the trade team from all over Uzbekistan to communicate with TOP-managers and exchange experience;
  • · intracorporate competitions and contests;
  • · rewarding the best employees;
  • · charity actions.


People are the main value of the Company. We always remember that success of our activities directly depends on the desire of our employees to be the best in their discipline. Therefore, we create such conditions so that each member of our Team could unlock his/her personal and professional potential. We attract the best national and European trainers to conduct continuous training and develop our employees.


Job purpose:

Design, support and maintenance of the 1C:Enterprise software product, as required to automate the Company’s activities.


More than 1 year of work experience as a 1c Software Engineer


Knowledge of the Russian language

Knowledge of 1C8.2, 1C8.3

Knowledge of the usual and configurable forms of the 1C program

Ability to create new and tweak existing configuration objects

Ability to troubleshoot system performance

Functional tasks and responsibilities:

Participating in developing design and create applications and reports based on 1C, ERP to automate the business processes of the Company (in accordance with the activities of the Company)

Developing software components and updates based on 1C, ERP

Advising employees of the Company on issues arising when working with programs based on 1C

Creating new objects of application configuration based on 1C, conducting additional configuration of existing configuration objects

Conducting testing of implemented software components

Prescribing instructions for employees of the Company on how to work with programs


Office in Tashkent

Full time, job schedule 5/2

Official employment

Excellent opportunities for realizing professional ambitions

Free weekly distribution of company products

Corporate communication, additional motivational program.

Job purpose:

Increase in sales.


Secondary special education.

Knowledge of Russian and Uzbek.

Computer skills: knowledge of office applications.

Excellent communication skills.

Readiness for business trips.

Functional tasks and responsibilities:

Searching and attracting new clients (processing of incoming applications, active search for clients, conduct negotiations, concluding contracts).

Maintaining relationships with the established clientele.

Reporting on work with present customers.


Office in Tashkent.

Full time, job schedule 6/1

Official employment

Possibility of career growth

Compensation for travel expenses

Salary from 3,000,000 soums.


We are ready to consider the candidates without work experience, we offer on-job training, professional and career growth is guaranteed to successful candidates.