19 February 2021
Kamila Tolibova, a 19-year-old graduate of the Samarkand Food College has won the second vehicle drown during the promotion by TM “Domashnee Zastolye”

The young owner of the vehicle shared that she bought the “Domashnee Zastolye” margarine in the Makro supermarket on the Gagarin Street in Samarkand on February 10. “I planned to bake something as usual. Out of curiosity, I erased the protective layer on the packaging on the way home from the store. I found the winning code and entered it into the phone immediately.”

The young lady constantly participates in various campaigns, but she never won anything, so when she received an SMS about winning a vehicle, she was hard to believe she was successful, and was convinced that she really won the Spark only after the call to the given number. Kamila has won the second out of three promotion Spark vehicles. The third vehicle has not been raffled yet. It means that the “lucky” pack is somewhere on the counters of Uzbekistan and every purchaser of the “Domashnee Zastolye” margarine has a chance to win!

For more details on the promotion see https://dom-zastolye.uz/